4 Things to Know Before Getting Life Insurance!

Whether to cover a mortgage, funeral expenses, or leave a final amount to our loved ones, life insurance is the best way to no longer be concerned about the financial impact of your death.

However, it's easy to get lost in the world of life insurance and to trust a representative. Small problem: does this representative do everything in their power to offer you the best product at the best price, or are they only thinking about their commission?

In this article, Discover...

  • How to find the product you really need (pay for what's necessary, not more)
  • How to compare ALL insurers to get the true best price (save up to $50/month)
  • How not to 'pay in vain' for your life insurance (you'll be surprised!)
  • How to choose your insurance company (the cheapest, but at what cost?)

What product do you really need?

Let's break a first myth together: life insurance is not an investment, but an expense!

The goal with life insurance is not to enrich anyone... We just want to have the peace of mind to know that no matter what happens, the people we love won't have any financial problems.

To avoid spending on insurance for nothing, it's important to focus on our real needs.

Quick 101, there are temporary life insurances and permanent life insurances, as there are needs that are temporary and others that are permanent.

Example #1 of need and insurance product adapted to the need

We are two paying for the house, and I don't want my spouse to be forced to sell our family nest if something happens to me.


Cover the mortgage debt in case of death.

Adapted Product

Fixed or decreasing term life insurance covering the entire mortgage or your portion.


It's unnecessary to pay more for permanent life insurance because, eventually, the mortgage will be paid off.

Important Note!!!

It is super important not to take this insurance directly with your lender! In addition to costing more than individual insurance, the price increases every 5 years, and the bank receives the money in case of death, not your family.

Read: Don't take your mortgage insurance with your lender!

Example #2 of need and insurance product adapted to the need

I experienced a death in my family and had to pay thousands of dollars out of my own pocket before touching the estate... I don't want to leave the burden of my funeral expenses to my estate.


Cover funeral expenses.

Produit adaptée

Permanent life insurance leaving a tax-free amount regardless of the age of death.


One thing is certain in life, we will all die one day! However, it is difficult to predict the time of our death. Permanent life insurance, therefore, covers funeral expenses and leaves a cushion while the estate is settled, regardless of the age of death.

And if I'm not sure about my needs?

Everyone has their specialty in life! At Clario, it's life insurance!

Contact one of our 100% independent brokers directly so that they can give you not only the best prices but also the best product according to your situation.


Are you sure you have the best price?

Contrary to auto/home insurance, prices in life insurance are much more transparent. There's no story of calling two different 'brokers' and getting two totally different "best prices" (often with the same insurer).

Prices in life insurance are set in stone regardless of whether you call Clario, another broker, or the insurer directly.

However, your representative may have preferred insurers offering a larger commission, and they may not give you the honest truth about who the cheapest ones are.

How to make sure the price you're given is the best?

A little gift from Clario: the tool your representative uses to get insurers' prices is called WinQuote and is 100% free!

Just go to and have access to the prices of all insurers!


As mentioned earlier, everyone has their specialty. If you go to Winquote, don't be surprised to get lost in the large number of types of insurance. Not to mention that getting the best prices is one thing, but getting the product adapted to your situation is the most important!

See this gift as a pledge of transparency from the brokers at Clario!

Let our specialist brokers do the work for you and complete a quote request now.

It's without obligation, and in addition to getting the best prices, you'll get answers to all your questions!

What about "cash surrender values"?

What? Cash surrender values! A term you may have already heard from one of your uncles or seen during your research on life insurance.

We asked one of our specialists to summarize this concept that could save you thousands of dollars!

Cash surrender values in insurance are the money that can be recovered if we decide to stop our insurance before our death. Life insurance thus becomes a piggy bank where we put money every month. At some point, if we need that money or if we decide that we no longer want to continue with the insurance, the insurer will give us a portion of the invested amount.

Why consider this option?

Imagine that you've been paying for 20 years for a permanent life insurance at $30 per month. That's $30 x 12 x 20 = $7,200 that you've paid to limit the financial impact of your death. A little glitch in your life, you miss two payments in a row, and the insurance is canceled... Without cash surrender value, you have not only lost your insurance but the $7,200 you have paid since the beginning... Not to mention that getting new insurance is now 4 times more expensive because you are 20 years older…

Is it more expensive than insurance without cash surrender value?

The quick answer is yes, but we're not talking about double! In most cases, choosing life insurance with cash surrender value costs less than $5/month more than insurance without cash surrender value.

Life insurance with or without medical exams?

As you can see on winquote, the personal information needed to get a life insurance price is gender, age, and smoker or non-smoker status. What about health status?

The software assumes that you have no health problems, and if that's the case, Great! You will have access to products with the best prices.

These products are called rate-insurance. Before accepting you and protecting you, the insurer reserves the right to order a report from your family doctor, send a nurse home for a blood test, etc. This level of analysis justifies the lower monthly cost of your insurance.

BUT, it's only in some cases that these medical requirements will be necessary. Insurers won't start digging if you have no particular health problems. Most rate-insurance companies will accept you in 24h-48h (and instantly for some).

Moreover, if you have a mild condition or take medication for reasons that don't affect your chances of death (like Synthroid, for example), the insurer won't order a ton of tests either.

Your Clario broker knows rate-insurance insurers inside out, don't hesitate to contact us to check if you're eligible for the cheapest insurers on the market.

Are you diabetic? Do you take medication for pressure and cholesterol? Do you have a history of serious illness?

It's tempting to still want to subscribe to rated pricing to benefit from the best prices... However, besides generating endless delays and worrying about not having insurance, this option is far from the best. Even more frustrating is that the insurer's response is very likely to be a refusal or a surcharge...

Fortunately, it's not over for you! There are several insurers with guaranteed acceptance solutions at more than competitive prices.

Insurance without medical exams works like a form:

The first question is 'Are you currently in the hospital?' (There are still insurance solutions)

Then, the questions follow, and the further you go in the form, the less the insurance costs.

In other words, if your condition is stable and without complications, you go to the end of the form, and you are eligible for prices very similar to insurance with rate-insurance.

Of course, our 100% independent brokers are available to work on your file and find the best solution for your situation.